About Me

Chris Burton – Photographer working from Dunsborough in the Margaret River Region of WA.

Chris has been taking photographs for over 40 years for pleasure and work, including his passions for whale research and the Australian bush.

“I began photographing whales as a means of identifying individuals as a research tool to provide important information of their life histories and movements”. All species of whales have unique pigmentation and other patterns on their bodies enabling researchers to compare individuals within and between different regions.

“I just love the Australian landscape, in all its wonderful varieties, textures and colours and have a range of images in my portfolio to reflect these broad elements”. I shoot mainly in the southwest and have travelled widely throughout the state.

Photographs can be viewed and purchased on my updated website, with new ones in my social media feeds each week.

These images can by printed using a number of different media, including fine art paper, high gloss on aluminium and canvas”.

My best regards